Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cooking with Kids

January is a great time to check out the j641 section at the library. The Chester County Library has a wealth of resources for cooking with children as well as recipes for kids to try on their own. Whether your child wants to be the King of Soup, Queen of Cupcakes or an authority on Italian, Mexican or Japanese cooking, the library has the cook books for you!

The Spatulatta Cookbook
Here is an basic cook book to get kids started on the cooking path. With descriptions of cooking tools, terms and ingredients as well as both easy and difficult recipes, children will be ready to cook after viewing this cookbook for kids.

Super Simple Lunches
by Nancy Tuminelly
Is your child ready to start preparing their own school lunches? This book is full of no-bake recipes that children can prepare for their own brown bag lunch.

Smart Cookie
by Dana Meachen Rau
Party Time! Maybe your child is looking to provide an awesome treat for a party or other special event. This book is filled with great ideas for baking and decorating that special event dessert.

Fix-it and Forget-it Kids Cookbook
by Phyllis Pellman Good
This is a crock pot recipe book for kids. Put that crock pot to good use by having the kids prepare a meal. With 50 easy to read recipes and ingredient lists, the children may be able to plan a meal a week!

Cool Mexican Cooking
by Lisa Wagner
Practice your cooking skills with this book that contains the recipes for six Mexican favorites. From taquitos to tortilla soup this book will describe what the young cook needs to know to cook delicious Mexican dishes.

Get cooking with these and more children's cook books at the Chester County Library!

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