Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Olympics are AWESOME!

Olympic fever has swept the nation! Are you excited about the athletes representing the United States at the London games? At the Chester County Library we have resources about some of the top athletes from our country and around the world. We also have great books about some sports you may have seen that were new to you.

Michael Phelps
by Barbara Sheen
This biography of Michael Phelps discusses his life with ADHD, his start in the sport of swimming, and his work toward a gold medal in the Olympic Games.

The World’s Greatest Olympians
by Michael Hurley
This book includes profiles of many famous Olympic athletes including track and field stars Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, and Michael Johnson.

The World of Olympics
by Nick Hunter
If you want to learn about the history of the Olympic Games, the symbolism of the Olympic Rings, or the past host countries of the Games, this book is a great start.

Great Moments at the Summer Olympics
by Matt Christopher
This fact filled book recalls historical moments by American athletes at the Olympics. Was it amazing? It may be in this book!

The 2012 London Olympics
by Nick Hunter
If you are wondering about where this year’s Olympics are being held, check out this selection. This book explains how the Olympic preparations have taken over London and the surrounding areas. It discusses locations of events, changes in technology, as well as the Paralympics that will follow the 2012 Olympic Games.

And just for fun… even world class athletes can act silly and have a great time. Check out this version of Call Me, Maybe by the United States Olympic Swim Team, just click here!

Have the Olympics got you excited about a sport, about broadcasting, about travel? You can find information about it all at the library! Get inspired @ Chester County Library!

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