Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stop Snoring Bernard!

Stop Snoring Bernard by Zachariah Ohora has been named the 2012 Pennsylvania One Book, Every Young Child designated book. As a result, this wonderful storybook will be distributed to over 15,000 libraries, child care centers, community literacy programs, Head Start centers and licensed home day care providers in our state.

While daily reading is an important part of helping young children develop early literacy skills, reading by itself is not enough. Our young audiences need to be involved in the story, not just listeners. The PA One Book program shares tips for engaging young readers and expanding on the reading experience.

1. Look at the cover and discuss it. Read the title and have the child or children make predictions about the story. See if you can predict where the story takes place or who the main characters may be.

2. Slow Down, reading a story is not a race! Take your time when reading, read with expression and use sound effects - or have the children do the sound effects. In Stop Snoring Bernard! children love to make the snoring noise... and say Stop Snoring Bernard! Make sure that you discuss the pictures and look for clues as to what may happen next. Did you come across an unfamiliar word? Make sure those young readers know what they mean.

3. The End doesn't have to be the end. After the story is over talk about it. Did any of your predictions come true? What do you think happened after the book ended?

Remember, young children love repetition. You may be reading one story over and over-enjoy it! Look for other great books at the Chester County Library and use the same techniques, before you know it your small reader will be asking you the questions!

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