Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Review: The Case of the Missing Family

(The Buddy Files, Volume 3)
By Dori Hillestad Butler
Ages 7-10

Buddy is a dog and also is a detective. He recently adopted a new family consisting of a boy named Connor and Mom, both of whom he likes very much. But Buddy used to have a different family and a little girl of his very own named Kayla. In fact, he can see his old family's house from his new family's house. He and Kayla used to solve mysteries together. Buddy does not know what happened to his old family or why Uncle Marty took him to the pound. Now Buddy has to solve mysteries by himself, especially The Case of the Missing Family.

These are the things that Buddy knows:
-- His family went to visit Grandma in Springtown, and they said they would be back in one week.
-- They never came back.
-- There was a tornado in Springtown.

These are the things Buddy doesn't know:
-- Are Kayla and Dad at Grandma's house?
-- Did the tornado hit Grandma's house?
-- Are Kayla and Dad okay?

One night Buddy looks out at his old family's house and notices that the kitchen light is on. What is going on? Buddy is a very clever dog but will need help if he is going to solve this mystery. To find out what happens, read The Case of the Missing Family by Dori Hillestad Butler. If you like this book, you might enjoy other books about Buddy: The Case of the Lost Boy and The Case of the Mixed-Up Mutts.

Katie G.
Chester County Library

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