Friday, September 5, 2008

Staff Picks

Edwina the Emu
By Sheena Knowles
Preschool-Grade 1
Edwina and Edward are expecting ten little emus, so she tells him, "I'll look for a job, you stay on the nest." Edwina tries many different jobs, but eventually realizes where she really needs to be. Rod Clement's illustrations of Edwina, with her tiny ponytail wrapped in a purple band, and the many human caricatures, are hilarious and jump off the page. Knowles' rhyming text makes this a good storytime book for all ages.

Now and Ben: The Modern Inventions of Benjamin Franklin
by Gene Barretta
Grade 2-4
This book, which is aimed at younger readers, covers more than 20 of Ben Franklin's inventions, including bifocals, lightning rods and odometers. Gene Barretta's cartoon illustrations are bright and inviting, and depict Franklin's many roles -- writer, printer, diplomat, scientist, inventor, humorist and humanitarian. While the author does not include much biographical information or suggestions for further reading, this book is a great introduction to the many accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin.

Lisa U, CCL

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